Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Imagine a place...

where you can read about the lives of Moms just like you.

Moms who make mistakes. Moms who are still learning and still growing.

Imagine a place...

where no one pretends to be perfect,

where no one is competing for a wife/mother of the year trophy.

Imagine a place...

where you can learn about budgeting and organizing,

where you can share in the homeschooling journey.

Imagine a place...

where you can steal a few minutes of "me time"

and pick up a new recipe for dinner.

Imagine a place...

where God is glorified,

where we can laugh together, cry together, pray together.

Imagine a place like that...

It's coming... 3/1/11


  1. That sounds like a great place. I am following from HHH. I love you blog.