Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As if it isn't obvious enough...now I have even more proof that my babies are growing up. Shaylie had her very first visit from the Tooth Fairy (AKA Twinkle- in our house) last night. I can NOT even begin to fathom that she is old enough to be losing teeth already. I mean seriously wasn't it just like last month when cut her first tooth?! Just another reminder that I need to CHERISH. EVERY. MOMENT.

Still absolutely gorgeous!

Showing off her Tooth Fairy box!

Time- please please slow down. No, really I'm begging you. Let them stay little just a little while longer! <3

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In need of.....a BREAK!

Yes, I need a break. And, I'm getting one. My husband and I are leaving tomorrow for a long weekend getaway. We do this every year...and this year it's much needed and deserved! Where we are going is a secret, so I will give details when we return :)

Work has just been crazy busy lately, home life and homeschooling have been busy. The girls have not been listening the greatest. I haven't been very patient. I find myself doing the very thing that homeschooling parents should NOT do, telling my children that they can't help me with whatever I'm doing just so that I can get it done faster. I find us doing our school lessons sitting at a desk with little to no fun. It's like we are just going through the motions with no real meaning. We have reached a point of being burnt out. So I think a break for Mommy and Daddy and a long weekend with Nana for the girls is just what we need. We'll come back more in love, refreshed, recharged and better parents to our beautiful sweet little girls!