Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time 4 Learning *review*

We were recently fortunate enough to receive a one-month free trial of Time4Learning. If you are unfamiliar with Time4Learning, I suggest you visit their website here.

This is my review:

This program is not just for homeschoolers. It is a great supplement for any student grades pre-K through 8th grade. I came across T4L while I was researching curriculum for our first grade year. I read mixed reviews of whether or not it could be used as a complete homeschool curriculum. After our trial, I can see how some would use it as a complete curriculum, but for us I do not feel that it was comprehensive enough. I am partial to a pencil/paper curriculum. I do feel like T4L is a great resource to solidify their learning. The program is set up where the child completes lessons for 15 minutes and then is allowed to play on the virtual playground for 15 minutes. After their 15 minutes of play is over, they must do another 15 minutes of lessons before being allowed on the playground again. My children loved this!! 15 minutes was the perfect length of time. The subjects covered are Math, Language Arts/Phonics, and Science. My only complaint about that is the child gets to choose the subject. My children love math and science, but see phonics as boring, so they never wanted to choose phonics. I wish the program automatically selected the subject for them for each lesson.

There are so many awesome features to T4L. 30 days was not nearly a long enough period for us to explore the program in it's entirety. There are parents features where you can track your child's progress, print progress reports, view lesson plans, and see suggested outside material. There is also a parents forum where you can connect with other parents whose children are using T4L. I will be completely honest in telling you that I didn't access nearly enough of these features. The hectic schedule of summer caught up with me and now that the trial is over I wish I would've looked around a bit more.

If your children enjoy playing on the computer and you are looking for something to supplement their education, I highly recommend Time 4 Learning! They are having a great special this month (July) of $4.99 per child with no limit of the number of children. Try it out! You can cancel at any time, but if you're like my family at the end of the month you're going to keep right on going!

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