Monday, July 11, 2011

First Day

Our first day of first grade is complete!!

My day started bright and early at 6:30 a.m.- Yes, 6:30 is very early for me. I really wanted to make it a point to wake up before the girls this year. Having a little bit of quiet time; reading my daily devotion/Bible, drinking my coffee in peace,and a little bit of computer time always leads to a better day for me.

By the time the girls woke up, I was refreshed and energized for the day. I even had apple cinnamon mini-muffins baking. Both girls woke up in a good moods and the day started very pleasantly. They were so ready to start back to school.

We were working on school work by 0830. I didn't take the advice of many veteran homeschoolers and slowly work our way into the year. We jumped in with both feet and yes, I'll admit, we really had to struggle to stay on task at times. 7 subjects on the first day back from a lengthy break is r.o.u.g.h. But we survived. For the most part everyone enjoyed themselves. Shaylie became pretty bored with phonics because it was very basic to her. Both of them noticed some big differences from Kindergarten. Nevaeh noticed the day was significantly longer. We were typically done with a Kindergarten day in an hour. Today took us three hours. Shaylie noticed the work was a little more difficult than K; especially Language Arts. We jumped right into capitalization- no review at all. I was impressed though. They both did remarkably well.

So, day one is finished. No tears (from students or teachers), no loss of patience, only a few "pay attention please"s, and one burned up microwave (popcorn/field corn science experiement)..I would say makes for a pretty good day!

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