Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week of 8/9/10- 8/13/10

We've finished another week!! My how fast it went! The past two weeks we've been schooling 5 days a week due to a very busy end of Aug/ beginning of September. So now we only have 5 more days to do until the end of August. We are all very excited about the upcoming weeks. On August 27th we will be traveling to Virginia and having the girls a birthday party there on Sat. 8/28. The following Saturday, September 4th, we will be having the girls birthday party here in NC. AND on Monday 9/6 we will be leaving for a Bahamas CRUISE!!!! We are SO excited. My husband and I have been on a cruise, but this will be the first for the girls. I think I'm more excited to see their reaction than anything else.

We had another great week of homeschooling. Here is a quick review of what we did:

Math- More addition, more number lines. The girls really have this down now. We ended the week with a few word problems and Mind Benders.

Reading/Phonics/Writing- We learned letters T and L and learned how to blend the letters with all the vowels we know. They did awesome!! I love seeing them learn new things!

Science- we began the A Beka science unit "God's World". We talked about God's Plan for us and the world. I'm really enjoying this book.

Social Studies- We continued our community helpers unit. This week it was a Baker and a Firefighter.

The girls are continuing guitar. Shaylie is showing much more interest than Nevaeh. Scott has also taught the girls how to play checkers and Nevaeh is loving it. She even beat her Daddy yesterday!! Shaylie on the other hand just doesn't really have the patience for checkers. It amazes me how completely different they are.

Each day we read a book they picked out from the library. My favorite thing this week was yesterday we read The Bearenstain Bears Count Their Blessings and after the story, I asked the girls to tell me some of their blessings. The answers just melted my heart. I honestly expected to hear them say things like toys and candy and they did say those things, but they also went much deeper without any prompting from me. Shaylie told me she was thankful for shooting stars, God, love, the Cross and our Pastor to name a few. Nevaeh said she was thankful for playing checkers with Daddy, her great great Grandma cook (who died almost 3 years ago- I didn't even know she remembered her) and cars to go places. Such sweet sweet little girls. They make me so proud!! I recorded everything they told me on our white board and of course took a picture...and here it is:

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