Saturday, August 7, 2010

And on to month two...

It's so hard to believe that we have finished 5 weeks of homeschooling and are now well into our second month! Time is flying, but it's going great! The novelty has yet to wear off and the girls as well as Mommy and Daddy are still having fun! Just a quick update on what we have covered during the past few weeks:

Math- We've mastered even/odd and ordinal numbers. We've begun addition and some very basic geometry (patterns). We also introduced number lines and how they can be used.

Reading/Phonics- We have learned all of our short vowel sounds. The girls have done awesome with this. Last week we had our first phonics evaluation (A Beka uses periodic evaluations- which I love!) and both of them passed with flying colors. Last week, we started consonants and began with the letter T.

Social Studies- We began our Community Helpers unit. We learned all about Pastors, Teachers, Policemen, Salespeople, Farmers, Vets, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Mailmen. We read books, watched videos and even took a field trip to the post office. The girls made cards and mailed them to their Great Grandma Betty in Virginia.

Science- We completed our Seasons unit. The girls really had a lot of fun with this unit. We watched a few videos and had a few craft days. We watched a video of The Very Hungry Catepillar and made a ziploc baggie butterfly. Fun fun! :) I learned that piecing together your own curriculum is VERY time consuming and can be stressful, so we decided to purchase the A Beka science curriculum also. It's entitled God's World and we begin it next week! The lessons seem to be very good and I'm sure the girls will enjoy it!

Lapbook- We finished Meet Kaya and learned all about the Nez Perce culture and life in 1674. The girls have really shown an interest in the American Girl series. We have moved on to Meet Felicity which takes place in Williamsburg, VA in 1774. We hope to plan a trip to Williamsburg sometime this fall. If the girls continue to show interest in the American Girls, I would LOVE to take them to the American Girl store/restaurant in New York City! :) That could be a field trip, right?!

Guitar- The girls are continuing to learn to play the guitar from their Daddy. The progress is slow, but they seem to be picking it up and are excited to start playing real songs!

Bible- The first few lessons in our Bible workbook are really about character development and teaching how God wants us act. It has some really cute stories that the girls enjoy.

In July, we had school the first 3 weeks and then took a week off and went to Virginia to visit my family. We just love the flexibility and the oppportunity to spend so much time with our children. That's about all I have time to add right now, but I promise, posts will be coming more frequently!! I really do want to document this journey as much as possible! :)

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  1. My girls also LOVE American Girl! I hope one day to take them to the store in NY---or the one in Atlanta. How much fun would that be?! Y'all are just moving right along! It's nice to get in that groove isn't it? I'm waiting for us to get into ours!