Monday, September 20, 2010

My poor poor neglected blog. Why is it that I just can't seem to keep up with you? Well actually I can't seem to keep up with anything at this point. The past month has been CRAZY to say the least. We've had the girls a birthday party in VA, a birthday party in NC, a Bahamas cruise and I've had a co-worker out at work, so I've picked up quite a few extra shifts....pure chaos is what we've had lately. Oh and my husband started school full-time, which takes up the majority of his time so I've been flying solo with homeschooling. AND Shaylie has started soccer and has two practices and one game a week!

Homeschooling is one thing that we haven't neglected though! We are still trudging along. The girls are breezing right through Math and Phonics. They really seem to have the hang of addition. We are having a quiz on Friday! They are both reading one syllable words and are learning different blend sounds. It amazes me to watch them learn new concepts. On Friday we will also be learning our first sight word- "the". Shaylie informed me today that she has known that word "for a while now"..LOL. So I guess we won't need much work on that one. In Science we've started a "Being Healthy" unit and are currently working on Nutrition. I found an awesome unit entitled Little D's Nutrition Expedition on this website: Today was our first day and we all loved it. I definitely recommend it! It says it is for 2nd graders, but so far the girls aren't having any problems with it. If I have to adapt some areas, that's ok, but so far so good!

I've realized while reading other homeschooling blogs that maybe we are doing too much "book work". So I'm integrating some new activities into our days (crafts, cooking etc.) We are also working our homeschool schedule around my work schedule, so we aren't doing Monday through Thursday anymore. Now we're doing 3-4 days a week, but it might not be consecutive days. That's the beauty in homeschooling. FLEXIBILITY. I love it.

I have some fun activities planned for the rest of the week and will post more on those (with pics!) later!

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