Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the kids are away....

...Mommy and Daddy a whole lot of NOTHING! The girls have been in VA for the past six days and despite the fact that I've had the flu, Scott and I have been irresponsible and haven't done anything really. Seriously, minimal housework, minimal cooking, one load of laundry, laying around, watching tv, staying up late, sleeping in. We did enjoy a day trip to Wilmington last Friday, but that's been the extent of our week.

I am thankful that the girls weren't here to share my flu germs with me and hopefully they will all be cleared out by the time they get home tomorrow. I've enjoyed the quiet, uninterupted conversations Scott and I have been able to have. But oh my goodness, please bring back the purpose to my life. Those two sweet little girls are really my reason for waking up each day and when they aren't here I just don't know how to be me! And even though he won't admit it, I know Daddy misses his Sponge Bob partners too.

So Dear Mother Nature- please let the snow in Virginia come to a stop, so the VDOT workers can get the roads clear and we can get our girls back home safe and sound tomorrow!

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