Saturday, November 6, 2010

Religion is one topic that my husband and I do not see eye to eye on. I am very much a Christian and he loves all faiths (including mine). He respects my decision to follow one particular faith and I respect his decision to be a spiritual nomad of sorts.

One thing we do agree on however is the fact that religious intolerance is something that must end. There is far too much hating and fighting going on in the world in the name of religion. In my faith, Jesus preached showing love to ALL, not just those who think like you.

It's a fact that most people fear things they don't understand. Most people in the world know very little about faiths other than their own, therefore they fear those faiths and the people who practice those faiths. Every single day people in this country are discriminated against based on their religion. One of the premises this country was based on was religious freedom and yet we try to deny US citizens this right each day.

In an attempt to increase the knowledge of different faiths, my husband has started Project Conversion. Learn more about it here. To summarize, beginning Jan. 1, 2011 he will be converting to a different religion each month and will practice that religion for 30 days before moving on to the next. He will be practicing as a new convert and will be broadcasting his journey along the way.

He has developed a KickStarter page for Project Conversion. You can view the page here Please help in his effort to make this a success.

Please share this with you friends. You can follow on Facebook here.

No matter which faith you belong to (or if you don't belong to one at all), come along for the journey! You just might learn something yourself

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